The most democratical asset

There’s something we all have. Each and every one of us, no matter where we live, our social status, skin color, or our finances. And that something is time. All of us, no matter how different our lives might be, share the same 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or, how a good friend once told me, Beyonce’s day has also 24 hours, it’s all in how you use those hours.

And that was the point where I’ve clicked. I’ve never been an organized person, to begin with. My discipline was limited at Don’t miss the deadline. but I’ve never understood the people who got their whole days and weeks scheduled and planned. I mean… Why?

But one day came, and I discovered that behind all this is a simple answer, coming from another woman that’s dear to me: we need to be this organized because our minds are chaotic enough. And there it was, my simple, yet never really thought about it that way answer.

 Turning into an organized person is a whole journey. For me, at least. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to try and do this if I’d feel mentally unstable. Because it might be true that all of us have 24 hours every day, but what are we able to do with those hours is conditioned by a lot of factors.

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness or having mental health issues are two of the factors with the biggest impact on our time management. That’s why trying to become a better manager of your time in difficult times for your mental health will always fail.

And it’s not necessarily something about you. It’s about learning to cope with a condition that will impact everything: your priorities, your way, your pace of doing things, the way you manage your time, resources, and relationships. That’s why our journeys are so, so different, despite having the same amount of time.

It can be just as tough even if you’re not being affected by any medical condition, but you’re suffering because of instability. It might be caused by your job, or maybe your finances, your personal life, or even all at once. The main thing to be understood is that one can’t become an organized person in times dominated by uncertainty. And this has another reason that sounds so stupid that it’s actually true. Becoming an organized individual is a huge energy consumer. Huge. Especially if you’ve been used to roam around chaotically and get everything done, eventually.

This is something hitting me like…every two days. I look to my Excel sheet, I re-read the things I’ve said I’m going to do that day, and I’m just sitting there, like… No, I can’t do this. What on earth was on my mind when I got myself in it?

But then I just go, take a deep breath and do the things. Because I know how it used to be when I’ve lived in a chaotic loop. And maybe I can do better.

Because time is like money, it has to be budgeted. The big difference between the two is that not everyone has the same amount of money, but everyone has the same amount of time. Budgeting that universal amount of time, though, that’s a really personal job.

It’s personal because it takes a lot of discipline and will often force you to do uncomfortable things. Like going to bed earlier than you like to. But learning how to budget your time will also bring you good things. Like getting things done, the satisfaction that comes from getting those things done, and actual progress. Or like avoiding the burn-out. Because it won’t take you more than a week or two to test and see how many things you can put on your plate and keep them together. And knowing how much is too much for you is one of the most important things you need to know.

I know it’s this trend, to talk about self-care all over the Internet. And it is a really, really important thing, to take good care of yourself. But this is rarely all about taking long baths or buying pretty things. It is more about doing those uncomfortable things we keep postponing, even if we know those are the right things to do. Maybe being more careful with our money, or maybe our time. Organizing our wardrobe, or maybe eating cleaner. Going to sleep earlier, or maybe give up on that toxic job/environment we’re spending so much time on. But all these start with a small step, which often is called being honest with yourself. With the understanding of the fact that what we’ll do today will impact the person, we’ll be tomorrow. That you deserve a life with continuously high quality. And this is why, even though it is such a personal path to walk, you’ll never be able to walk it all alone. Getting yourself an accountability partner is the best thing you can do. Just make sure you trust that person and that their intentions on you aren’t evil. Because dealing with all the discomfort this kind of journey will bring isn’t easy. Not when you come from a place where you had to dive into the chaos to resist. But it is worth it, and getting to be in control when it comes to your time is a powerful move. It is self-love and self-care. And it totally is something you deserve to know how it feels like.


Art by Serj Zărnescu

repetitiv. vis-musafir,
același de ani
niciodată aflat

rigid. omul care
s-a legănat în obsesie până
și-a luat o bardă și-un șmirghel
și-a plecat să cutreiere lumea,
de contrarii pe care să le transforme
în oglinzi

linear. trecutul
pe care-l știu pe de rost,
sub ale căror acoperișuri putrezite îmi caut
loc de tras sufletul când viața
nu mai ține cu mine

pasiune. pusă pe pauză,
fizic necenzurat cu un alt om e luxul
separator între extaz
și nebunie

natural. tot ce am luat vreodată
de-a gata. umbra copacilor,
moștenit de azi pe mâine
de dinainte să cunoască timpul

interzis. tot ce-am avut odată
în podul palmei,
de stări concret-cubice, niciodată perplexe
femeia care obișnuiam să fiu râde
de pe marginea lunii
“mă voi întoarce”, îmi șoptește
liniștitor înainte să se crape
iarăși pânzele cerului de ziuă


magia mi se adună în vârfurile degetelor,
mărgele de abac.
în mine e încă viu un miros de tabac
genele, pleoapele, gâtul tresar
imperceptibil împunse de ac

trăiesc lumea prin ochi.
prin buze, prin mâini, prin mișcări. adunarea
senzațiilor de proveniență anonimă.
povești, poeme și culori într-o vază
și le întorc lumii care mi le-a dat
cu aceleași mâini ce tremurau când le-am luat

mă pierd ocazional în deșirarea
unei narațiuni fără timpuri verbale sau leac.
privesc împrejur, mă întorc, mirarea
din ochii mei e vecină cu marea,
și numai înăuntru-mi văd rădăcina,
dincolo de nori, sub pământ, renegarea.

umblu pământuri străine
în căutarea locului în care să-ngrop
nume ce-au format lumi pentru mine,
de trecut făcut franjuri încă de când
era prezent. lipsa
obsesiei lasă loc
pentru păcate noi
păcate noi, păcat la singular, în doi

m-am întors la mine într-o dimineață
fără să știu măcar că pierderea de sub stern
era a mea de mine,
nu o pierdere de tine. așteaptă.
n-ai însemnat mereu ce crezi,
n-ai fost decât cei doi ochi verzi
ai rătăcirii aspre, grosolane
azi mă vezi în zare, copila
reîntoarsă la ea însăși,
nesfârșitelor mitologii personale